Birdman Buying This $3 Million Dollar Elemment Palazzo Mobile Mansion?

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Austrian company Marchi Mobile announces luxury mobile home Elemment Palazzo with external sources saying that Birdman has shown interest in purchasing this 40 foot mobile mansion. Birdman has already purchased million dollar cars in the past, including an 8 Million dollar Maybach Exelero, although has neglected payments on it. This latest reported purchase comes with no surprise to us as the rapper is known for spend loads of money on fine things, including a million dollar watch, another exclusive Maybach, a $2.5 million Bugatti and more. He is no novice to spending money.

The luxurious Elemment Palazzo designed by Austrian company Marchi Mobile features things you never thought you’d see inside an RV. Master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom, Leather interior, Rainfall shower, fireplace, 40″ TVs, and more.

The 20-ton Palazzo can reach speeds of 93 mph, and uses 20% less fuel than vehicles of comparable size due to its aerodynamic design. The designers at Marchi Mobile say Palazzo is completely customizable, and if you have more money to spare, they’d welcome any outrageous modifications, going as far as to cover it in diamonds. (Obviously a feature for Birdman!)

The 40 feet long Palazzo also has a pop-out bar complete with a skylight and underfloor heating that you can activate by pushing a button. The bar adds 80% more room to the camper’s original 430 square feet floor space. When it comes to the exterior, you may or may not be glad to know that the Palazzo is covered in glow-in-the-dark paint.

Interested in buying? Marchi Mobile has an Interactive website and order information.

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